PolarFinder Scope By Jason Dale

Free Polar Alignment Software

Polar FinderScope
Dr. Jason Dale




This is a great utility that will help you with your Polar Alignment on your Equatorial Mount. Small download (polar204.zip) only 49K.

Zip File Contains three files:

  • reticule.bmp
  • PolarFinder.exe

Simply create a folder named "Polar FinderScope" and unzip the three files.
Create a ShortCut for the "PolarFinder.exe".

Start the Application, by default you will see four hours of reticules.
You Need to "Set Viewer Longitude" by Clicking the "World Icon".

Your Done!

Click Here to Download (polar204.zip)!

POLARFINDER V2.04 By Dr.Jason Dale
http://electra.psychol.ucl.ac.uk/jason/astro (Broken Link)
email: [email protected] (Invalid Email Address)

- Who is it for?

If you own a decent telescope, an R.A tracking equatorial mount and a polar finder scope then this program is for you!

- What does it do?

The position of Polaris (the Pole Star) is approx 1degree from the true North Celestial Pole (NCP). If you own a telescope with an equatorial mount, you will probably have a polar finder scope to help you align with the NCP. To get really accurate NCP alignment this program will show you where to put polaris in your sights to be correctly aligned.

- What features does it have?

- Generates 1,4, or 6 charts to span your observing session.
- Print and Print preview.
- Export as Bitmap
- Copy to Clipboard (for easy copy into Word, PSP etc)
- Works for anywhere in Northern Hemisphere (Southern hemisphere coming eventually)
- Updates in real time when `Use system time` option selected
- Reverses view to show what you would see through a telescope
- As easy to use as falling off a log.

- What PC spec do I need.

- OS:Tested on Windows 98 and NT4.0 and W2K (Works on XP and Vista too!)
- Memory requirements: Under 100Kb.
- CPU requirements: Virtually zero. Runs in background.
- GFX:The graphics should work on any machine from 256colours to 32bit colour.

- Files

You will need the Reticule.bmp files to run properly.
Feel free to edit the reticule bitmap, but dont change its dimensions or the center of the reticule.
- Known Bugs

1. Printing can be in mono on some printers. I am Looking into it.
2. You cant see the bottom two charts when generating 6 charts. They will come out in the printed version.