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I Told You it Comes in 3's Jeff and Zach



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Post Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:52 pm

I Told You it Comes in 3's Jeff and Zach

Sure enough it happened.

Monday night I went to set up and noticed the fan on my power supply did not kick on when I powered it up. I took it in and checked it out and Yep! it took a dump.

I called Powerwerx this morning and they sent me an RMA for a fix or replacement. So I shipped it today.

Luckily I had a spare set of cables for all my gear and was able to power up the rigrunner and run the camera and focuser. I ran individual power to the dew heater and the mount.

I have been talking with that guy over at "DarkFrame" in Europe all week about my NEQ6 mount. He's a wizard with the things. He told me that the rigrunner was probably not providing the full power that the mount needs and that I would be better off powering it by itself. He told my 13.4 VDC is really the minimum that I should be applying to it. Anything less than that will show up in tracking.

He wrote a really good article in that Astro Magazine I showed yall last month about how to care for your mount. It's in PDF so I could not copy it but I emailed him and he's going to send me a copy so I can share it with yall.

So anyway these things come in 3's so everybody else should be safe since Jeff, Zach and myself have been snakebit this month.
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Post Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:44 am

Re: I Told You it Comes in 3's Jeff and Zach

I've run my Atlas EQG on lower VDC and it works. My mount and dew controller shares the same 12VDC battery, If I remember correctly I've seen it run on 9VDC with no problems. No way am I hitting 13.4VDC all night on a battery.

From the manual it says:
The Atlas EQ-G should be powered by an 11V to 15V DC
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