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Hello from New Hampshire, USA. I'm a stargeezer 72 years old, having been an on-and-off amateur since 1965. I began with an Edmund Scientific 4-1/4" Palomar Jr. Newtonian reflector, moved on to building a custom 10" reflector with parts from a variety of manufacturers plus a handmade wooden tube, and now I mostly use an Explore Scientific 127mm refractor mounted on a CGEM and a permanent pier and all controlled remotely. I consider myself to be a beginner at astrophotography, and so I hope to learn from this forum's members who've had a lot more experience. Clear skies, and keep looking up! :11:


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Hi Bigfoot! Welcome to the forums. We are learning all the time here. It's part of AP...making mistakes...learning...making the same mistakes...repeat...what fun! I hope to see some of your shots soon. If you have any questions, we can surely help. Thanks for stopping by the site today.

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Welcome to the forums!
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Welcome to the site BF! We're all beginners at one point so dive in, ask questions and start shooting!
Clear Skies!

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Welcome. You have found a little gem of a site that promotes positive support and exchange of ideas. Jump right into the discussion.

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