Hello from Western New York

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Hello from Western New York

Post by Tim99 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:55 am

Hello Doug,
I discovered you on YouTube which led me here! Just the website I was looking to join.

I'm getting to be an AstrGeezer as I have been "looking up" since the 1950's. About a year ago, I decided i wanted to take some pictures through my telescope. Gentlemen, "Start Your Engines." !!! I started reading ... and reading ... and watching YouTube videos; some bad and some (like yours) excellent.

I have 2 old telescopes. A 3" Reflector that I got as a prize for selling garden seeds as a kind in 1960's. A 6" Reflector that my Grandfather built in the 1950's

I wanted new stuff and about a year ago, I bought a nice Explore Scientific ED80mm Triplet Refractor and most recently, I bought the Celestron Edge 9.25 SCT and CGEM.

I spent last year with the DSLR taking pictures through the little Refractor. No mount - just a tripod. I had a ball and took some nice pictures of the moon! I even took wildlife pictures with the Refractor: Birds, deer and a woodchuck! haha

After I bought the SCT & CGEM, I started taking longer exposure images of DSO's. Learned about stacking and had some pretty decent results, if i don't say so myself!

Now, here i am ready to buy and Auto-Guider and keep learning-progressing-learning-having fun- and currently freezing outside doing it!

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP POSTING THOSE VIDEOS. I look forward to meeting here with like-minded, slightly kooky, Astrophotographers!


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Re: Hello from Western New York

Post by Doug » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:09 am

Hi Tim! Welcome to the forums! You sound like you'll fit in nicely here. We have a few other Astrogeeks from the NY area here.

Sounds like you have a plan ready to go for deepsky. That's great! Just one note about the mount you select...IT MUST HAVE AN AUTO GUIDER PORT! I can't stress this enough about the importance of the mount. This should be your most expensive part of your AP setup. Without a solid mount with Auto Guiding, you'll be frustrated, and possibly give up.

You must have selected this hobby because you like to be challenged with puzzles and you like to figure out problems. This hobby has no shortage of ways to spend money so grab your wallet and spend wisely!

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Re: Hello from Western New York

Post by Nick » Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:55 pm

Welcome! that CGEM should do the business! Glad to have you and cant wait to see what pics you are getting! That edge 9.25 is a nice scope because its got built in corrective optics! Planetary nebulae should look great! I recommend trying the dumbbell, and the ring nebula, and the crab nebula, and with the 9.25 you should be able to get up close and personal on the horsehead nebula! The 80mm would do nice on the Pleiades which are in prime time right now! clear skys! :clearsky:
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Re: Hello from Western New York

Post by MikeM » Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:04 am

Welcome to the site Tim, great to have you here. Looking forward to your contributions!
Clear Skies!

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