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Night to night aligment




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Night to night aligment

I dont know if anyone has already done this but I came up with a great realignment when you dont plate solve. Last night when I shot the Rosette I did not shut off SGPRO. So today with the last nights pictures still in view I took a piece of 3"x 5" white paper and put it on the screen and traced the crosshairs on the picture.

Then for the rosette I traced little circles around the 10 most prominent stars. As you can see the background picture thru the paper, tonight when I was aligning the rosette I used the crosshairs and put the paper over the screen set up the cross hair lines and then adjusted until the stars were all inside the little circles. Bam! I am shooting exactly the same frame as last night so stacking the 2 nights pictures should be extremely easy.
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Re: Night to night aligment

You can do something similar with software. I use Al's Reticule

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