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Post by gardenfish » Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:48 pm

I took off the TOA35 reducer/ff so I could use the lp filter for lrgb subs. I am hoping I will get decent stars far enough out so I would not need to use the reducer/ff. There is no way to put the 2" lp filter in line with the reducer/ff. I have am going to do a test when skies are clear to see if I can leave the lp filter in when I do NB. If it works I will not have to take the imaging train apart when using the lrgb or NB filters.

Also I need to see if using the lp filter with the lrgb makes a good enough difference to warrant using it.

My best case scenario is the lp filter works with all filters and the stars are good enough without the reducer/ff. In which case I can sell the reducer/ff and get the SV70 imaging scope for wide field.
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