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Post by h2opolo » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:11 pm

I wanted to post this here before I sent it to Cloudy Nights and Astromart

I have a QSI 690 WS-8 camera with all the Narrowband and LRGB filters going up for sale. The Ha filter is a 5nm rather than a 3nm but it really does not matter

Anyway I sent it to QSI/ATIK to be checked out and made sure that it was in perfect working order. They went through it, recharged it with Argon Gas, and put the new tabs in it to ensure it was in perfect shape. They told me it was a good a brand new.

It comes with the Pelican Case and the cables that they normally ship it with.

I can sell the camera alone or with the filters, it does not matter to me. All I am looking to do is to recoup my cost. I am not trying to make any profit off of it at all. I wanted to tell you guys about it first so you would get a chance at it. These cameras are in my opinion the best of the best. Go take a look at the images Chris Gomez is producing with his.

If you are interested in buying it let me know and we can come up with a price that is fair and deals with the silly paypal fees and shipping.

Like I said, I'm not trying to make money, I just do not have any reason to own two of them and need to let one go.

I can post photos if you like and even send you the QSI report on it.

Let me know, its a great camera with that great Sony Chip

By the way, I also have a cover plate WSG-5 for the same camera.  It's made for a 5 position filter wheel so you would need to have that wheel rather than the 8, but who knows, maybe you have the 690 WS-5 and want the cover plate with the off axis guider built in.

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