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May 2018 Astrophotography Contest

MAY 2018 Astrophotography Contest

Time for May's Astrophoto! Hopefully a few of us some where can get a clear night or so to get this contest rolling. Surely it can't be cloudy for 31 days :clearsky:

Open Target!

Limited to ONE Entry Per Person, Per Month!

:clearsky: Good Luck! :clearsky:
Takahashi TSA120 - SV70T
CEM60 - PierTech2 pier
QSI6120 WSG-8
Astrodon 31mm LRGB E Series -Ha-3nm - OIII-3nm - SII-3nm

G3 Mono - ASI290MM Mini - ST80

ES 152 AR - Atlas mount
16" goto Dob

Nikon D5200 Modded

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